Webster Marching Band

Webster, New York


How late in the season can I join?
Open enrollment is until May 9th. Prospective members may join until then.

Being involved in the Marching Band sounds like a HUGE commitment; is it manageable?
YES IT IS MANAGEABLE!!! You're right the Marching Band is a commitment, but it is comparable to many of the sports programs! In Marching Band, it is the one "team" where NO ONE sits on the bench – and whether an incoming 7th Grader or outgoing 12th Grader, the band is strong because of all participants.

My child doesn't play a "marching band instrument" so there's no chance they can be in Marching Band, right?
There are many opportunities in marching band. For those who play an instrument, it is a great opportunity to expand their musical repertoire. For those who don't play a band instrument, they can participate in color guard (students interested in flags and dance). Another opportunity to participate is in "The Pit" (the stationary percussion section) which requires students to be able to read music, but they can typically learn their instrument during the season.

I've heard that Marching Band is expensive. How much does it cost for my child to belong to the band?
The cost to participate varies from year to year based on the overnight trips for the year, but there are numerous, totally optional, fund raising opportunities to help defray the cost. Many families have fund raised their entire membership cost.  Plus, if you have had kids in travel sports, Marching Band may seem like a bargain.