Webster Marching Band

Webster, New York

About Us

Our Philosophy

The Webster High School Marching Band’s philosophy encompasses commitment, discipline, unselfishness, pride, and the dignity of each member. Our basic goal is working together toward excellence in musicianship and marching.

It now becomes the goal of all of us -- Staff, Students, and Parents to meet the simple but challenging task of continuing a quality of performance that all of us can be proud of.  We must all rise to that challenge, and, in the process, create memories that we can be proud to relate to in years to come.

Excellence through Class, Style, and Pride!

Class is the quality that each band member exhibits at practice, on the field, in the classroom, and in the community. It is the quality that audiences sense when the see Webster Marching Band members spontaneously and warmly congratulating band members from other bands. It is also the unassuming strength each band member nurtures as they learn and grow with every experience. Class is the positive manner by which band members serve as ambassadors of the Webster community in their travels.

Style is the quality of the field program the band performs. The marching band takes pride in the performance of challenging arrangements of music, including beautifully scored classical pieces. It is the style that brings quality to execution of elaborate and equally challenging drills. Audiences are awed by the power and richness of the music and the beauty and creativity of the visual presentation. The performance blends precision with flare. Field band marching is a unique American art form for which the band has a national reputation. Style also describes the energy and enthusiasm that swells from the band as it marches in parades.
The excitement of a parade stirs the heart and brings smiles to everyone who witnesses this traditional form of entertainment.
Whether a field show or a parade, the marching band does it with style.

Pride is the quality seen in the band members as they measure their success in terms of improvement. Championships, honors, awards, and recognition are the fruits of a commitment to improve. Pride is evidenced by the deeper appreciation gained from contributing to a team in achieving a goal. It is seen on the field when band members know they have performed their best and feel the rush of satisfaction. Pride is the intangible chemistry that permeates the relationship among the marching band members as they perform.