Webster Marching Band

Webster, New York

Volunteers Needed


SIGN UP TO SUPPORT THE BAND!! I would like to welcome those who have not tried chaperoning an event. It's a great opportunity to be engaged in the show from start to finish. Your help is extremely important to get our musicians ready for competition and provide support. Plus, you get to hang out with a pretty cool guy :) Sounds like a plan.


Joe Altieri <[email protected]>

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Equipment Crew:

The marching band is looking for volunteers to help on the equipment crew during performances and competition days.  Contact Guy Vigneri at [email protected].

HELP WANTED: We are looking for a couple of parents to assist with our Uniform Team.  No sewing expertise is required.  Uniforms have snaps for adjusting the length of sleeves and pants.  Training will be provided.  Responsibilities include the following:

 - Organizing times to fit members, especially new members, into uniforms (typically during rehearsals).

 - Keeping track of uniform assignments

 - Taking uniform inventory and organizing the closet

 - Ordering uniform t-shirts, shoes, and gloves as needed

Kelly Farrar

We also need volunteers to organize some fundraisers – local restaurants such as Panera Bread, Chicago Uno Grill will share a percentage of their sales for an evening with our band. All we need to do is contact them, set it up, send out the information to the band and then we all show up and eat. It’s not a difficult job to do! Please see Patty Homeier ([email protected]) about setting one of these evenings up for us!

If you have any questions while you consider these jobs or any other opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact Stacy Altieri, Kelly Farrar, Karan Thompson, or Guy Vigneri, your Booster Board Members-at-Large. (We are listed in your directory and the Contacts page with phone numbers and e-mail!)