Webster Marching Band

Webster, New York

Member Account Fundraisers

Member Account Fundraisers

Register for Frontier Field Dates (contact is Karan Thompson - karant@frontiernet.net):  http://doodle.com/poll/ds979c7ugcy9bwvw

Football Mania (contact is Kevin Rowland - Kevin.Rowland@xerox.com):

Tickets will be available in June.  They are sold for $20 each and are good for the whole NFL season.  For each ticket sold, $7 goes to your member account and $7 goes the the general account for the marching band.  For more information, go to http://www.charitymania.com/footballmania/.

Applebee's Pancake Breakfast Sunday, August 7th 8 - 10am, Empire Blvd. Restaurant in Webster (contacts Deb Partridge (dpart129@aol.com) or Ken Witt (kenw931@aol.com)):
For each $6 ticket you sell, $2 is credited to your member account.  Signup for volunteers to help is on the Volunteer page.
Daily Numbers Lottery Fundraiser (contacts are Patty Homeier - rahpeh3@frontiernet.net or Tracy Small - tsmall5@rochester.rr.com):
Tickets available now for month of September drawings.  Each ticket is good for the whole month.  For each $5 ticket you sell, $2 is credited to your member account.